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GrowGreen Power plans to combine a renewable energy power plant with a 50-acre hydroponic greenhouse in NC.

GrowGreen Power plans to combine a renewable energy power plant with a 50-acre hydroponic greenhouse in NC.

Piedmont Region Aims for Biomass Plant

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Pants On Fire

  Rep. Anthony Weiner says he’s not going to resign. The New York congressman has been caught, literally, with his pants down by the online tabloid snoops who keep their eyes peeled for this kind of stuff. After several days of indignant denials, Weiner finally stepped up to the mike on Tuesday and admitted that he did in fact transmit several revealing photos from his Weiner collection to at least six young women he claims he never met. Weiner also claims this is a private matter, even though he posted his money shot on Twitter. The last time we checked, Twitter was designed to make a statement to the entire Internet planet at the same time. Stay tuned for the public hearings that will determine whether said Weiner photos were distributed using government property, a.k.a. the laptop in Anthony’s office on Capitol Hill. This has been a championship season for lying by public officials. Everybody wants to get into the act, even former public officials yearning to again feed at the public trough and celebrities pretending they want to hold public office. Down in North Carolina, we have former Sen. John Edwards indignantly denying he did anything illegal when he received $1 million in unreported campaign contributions from a 99-year-old heiress. Edwards used the money to keep his mistress and their baby in luxury digs while his wife was dying of cancer and he was busy trying to con the country into electing him president. Edwards claims this is a private matter, but has yet to explain why a successful malpractice lawyer worth an estimated $200 million needed to borrow money to keep his baby mama silent. Apparently, there was some money left over from the hush fund, since Edwards appeared in front of the federal courthouse sporting another one of those $400 haircuts he favors.  No word on whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear as a character witness for Edwards. During his entire tenure as governor of California, Schwarzenegger secretly was supporting a love child sired with his housekeeper. Arnold recently revealed this unfortunate fact to his wife, Maria, who moved out of their mansion. The Governator reportedly has gone into hiding in Idaho. Over in Japan, the latest version of the Japanese government quietly admitted this week that three of the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima power station did in fact experience a “full meltdown” in the days after the earthquake and tsunami struck. This statement was issued after weeks of denials in which officials maintained the reactor cores […]

The Show Me Spirit

The Home Depot store is no longer standing in Joplin, MO, but the clerks are busy selling building materials in the parking lot. Nine days after a massive tornado tore through the middle of town, flattening everything in its path with 200-m.p.h. winds, the residents of Joplin–mourning at least 132 dead and still searching for 156 missing–are lifting the spirits of the nation with their resilience and determination to rebuild. Within hours of the deadly May 22 storm, the world began to understand the solid character of the people of Joplin as story after story emerged of heroic acts of individual courage and sacrifice in the face of certain death. We don’t know their names, but we will not forget the grocery store clerk who perished holding the door to a walk-in freezer closed so that a dozen people inside could survive, or the nurses at St. John’s Regional Medical Center who ran upstairs to save bedridden patients as the tornado slammed directly into the hospital, carrying away its top floor. Six people died at the medical center, but thanks to the heroic staff 183 were safely evacuated. “It was like a bomb went off inside on every floor,” St. John’s chief executive Gary Pulsipher told reporters. The medical center became an iconic image of the May 22 storm, its windows blown out and its Medivac helicopter lying on its side. So did the local Home Depot, demolished beyond recognition, shards of its familiar orange sign winding around twisted debris on the ground. Today, the hospital and the home improvement store also are serving as landmarks to the undiminished spirit of the people of Joplin. Less than a week after the tornado struck, St. John’s resumed operations: a temporary tent hospital has been set up across the street from the wrecked building; trailers house MRI and CAT scan units; two new helipads have been paved. While most of the 900 who were injured in the tornado are being treated in neighboring towns, St. John’s says it’s now able to handle up to 60 patients at a time in its makeshift facilities. “We can do already what we used to do in our big building, just on a smaller scale, and as we go through the next few weeks that scale will grow,” Dr. Bob Dodson, St. John’s trauma medical director, told CBS News. In a stroke of good luck, he added, all of the hospital’s medical records remain intact because the facility moved from paper to electronic files just a […]