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February 2016

Mystery solved: The egg comes first.

If you ate eggs for breakfast or enjoyed a chicken sandwich for lunch today, there's a good chance part of your meal was raised in Ohio.

Ohio is the second-largest egg producing state in the United States. In 2014, Ohio chickens produced more than 8.75 billion eggs with an estimated value of $744 million.

So who consumes all these eggs?

In the U.S., more than 55% of eggs are sold at retail. But 31.5% of eggs are processed for use in manufacturing, foodservice, retail and export.

Darke and Mercer counties in western Ohio are the top two egg-producing counties in the United States according to the Ohio Poultry Association.

Mercer County is also home to one of Ohio's two egg-breaking operations. These processing facilities convert shell eggs into liquid pasteurized eggs, dried eggs and frozen egg products that are utilized in bakeries and other food products.

Why is food processing expanding in Ohio?

"Ohio has the perfect combination of attributes for agribusiness," according to Ted Holsapple, CEO and General Manager of Darke Rural Electric Cooperative. "We're one of the most productive regions for animal feed grains, we're located within a one-day drive of 60% of the U.S. population, and we have high quality infrastructure in rural areas that can support large-scale food production and processing."

Rural infrastructure supports high demand loads

A modern barn for laying hens is an efficient, sophisticated operation that commonly houses flocks of 100,000 to as many as one million hens. Technology helps deliver precise feeding rations so hens produce highly nutritious eggs. Automated ventilation systems keep barns comfortable with good air quality. Conveyor belts gather eggs as soon as they are laid. Most eggs in the U.S. reach grocery stores just one day after being laid.

"All this sophisticated equipment requires the continuity, reliability, and quality of electrical service 24/7 making them a critical load on our distribution system," shared John Metcalf, President and CEO of Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative, the power provider for Trillium Farms' laying facility and feed mill in Marion, Hardin, and Wyandot counties. He continued, "Mid-Ohio Energy along with Ohio's other electric cooperatives continue to make investments in infrastructure and technology systems that allow them to serve nearly any type of load effectively and efficiently no matter how rural the location."

Skilled, motivated agribusiness workforce

More than one out of every six Ohioans work in the agribusiness industry sector. Ohio's egg, chicken and turkey farms create more than 14,600 jobs.

Growing, processing, transporting and retail agribusiness operations contribute approximately $105 billion to the state's economy.

Rural Ohio's roots are in agriculture and as a result people have a remarkable work ethic. "Work ethic combined with Ohio's world class universities, statewide network of community colleges, and residents with diverse work skills make rural Ohio an especially appealing location for innovative food growers and processors," noted Darin Thorp, President/CEO of North Western Electric Cooperative.

And then comes the chicken…

In addition to laying hens, in 2014 Ohio produced more than 75 million broiler chickens valued at over $274 million. Ohio farms typically produce more than 219 million pounds of turkey each year.
One of the top agribusiness states in the nation

Ohio has remarkable concentration of companies that cultivate, process, distribute, market, research and develop food products enjoyed by consumers around the world. The egg and chicken production facilities in rural Ohio are a significant portion of this sector.
Join the flock!

Rural sites with robust infrastructure, a skilled local workforce, and easy access to suppliers and customers are available throughout the territories served by Ohio's electric cooperatives. If your organization is searching for expansion sites for food production and processing, contact Ohio's Electric Cooperatives' Dennis Mingyar at (614) 430-7876 or dmingyar@ohioec.org.


A representative listing of the chicken and egg farms and processing facilities served by Ohio's electric cooperatives is provided below.

Layers for egg production, New Weston, Ohio
Darke Rural Electric Cooperative

Layers for egg production, Marseilles and Mt. Victory, Ohio
Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative

Layers for egg production, Hicksville, Ohio
North Western Electric Cooperative

Feed mill, LaRue, Ohio
Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative

Organic egg layers, pullets and organic feed mill, Union County, Ohio
Union Rural Electric Cooperative

Pullet facilities, Johnstown, Ohio
The Energy Cooperative

Meat chickens raised from day-old chicks, Coshocton, Ohio
The Frontier Power Company

Hatchery, Johnstown, Ohio
The Energy Cooperative

Egg-breaking and processing facility, Rossburg, Ohio
Darke Rural Electric Cooperative

Family-owned meat chicken and layer farms, Carrollton, Ohio
Carroll Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Egg-breaking and processing facility, Raymond, Ohio
Union Rural Electric Cooperative

Family-owned layer farms, Fort Recovery, Ohio
Midwest Rural Electric Cooperative

Family-owned layer and meat chicken farms, Greenwich, Ashland, Jeromesville, Plymouth, Willard, Shiloh and Perrysville, Ohio
Firelands Electric Cooperative

Layers for egg production, Winesburg, Ohio
Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative

Meat chickens raised from day-old chicks, New Concord, Ohio
Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative

Layers for egg production, New Concord, Ohio
Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative

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