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Wyoming Corporate Moves

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  Allstate Ensures Cheyenne’s Growth In December, Allstate opened an office in Cheyenne, WY to expand and improve its insurance claims service to customers. The Allstate Express office has brought 200 new entry level jobs and 94 indirect jobs into the community, with a total of $5.2 million in direct payroll. Over the next five years, the business activity will contribute $672,000 in local taxes, and $686,000 in state taxes to Wyoming, according to estimates. The total long-term impact on the community is estimated at $97 million. “Allstate could have located this facility anywhere in the nation,” says Tom Thorson, vice president of Cheyenne LEADS. Cheyenne was one of many cities evaluated for the Allstate Express office and was ultimately chosen based on several criteria including cost of living, availability of talent, and the ability to maintain operations during severe weather occurring in other parts of the country. Thorson expects Allstate to employ most of the city’s available customer service workforce. Allstate began retrofitting 28,000 square feet of an existing building in March 2007. Hiring began in September, and training followed in October with excellent results. Allstate already has more people applying than the company needs to keep its training classes full. A $400,000 Workforce Development Training Fund Grant from the state of Wyoming and the Department of Workforce Services’ training programs also factored into Allstate’s decision to locate its facility in Cheyenne. Nortrack on the Right Track in Cheyenne Last summer, VAE Nortrak North America Inc. purchased two buildings from the city of Cheyenne. Nortrak will use one building to expand its manufacturing of pre-stress concrete switch ties for the railroad industry, an investment of nearly $4.7 million. Nortrak had leased the second building since 2000. After remodeling and renovating, the plant became fully operational in late 2007. Most of the equipment required for the new facility was custom-built, with many components imported from Europe. Nortrak has hired 20 new employees and anticipates acquiring an additional 50-60 workers within three years. The company currently employs more than 120 people in Cheyenne. Including its newest facility, Nortrak now utilizes 158,000 square feet of manufacturing space on a 28-acre site in Wyoming’s capital. New Technology Creates Clean Water in Buffalo In February, RG Global Lifestyles completed construction on its first water treatment plant in the Powder River Basin near Buffalo, WY. The facility is the company’s first to utilize the Catalyx Fluid Solutions ion exchange technology to treat water discharged during the harvesting of coal bed methane (CBM). The treated water… …Read More…

Texas Corporate Moves

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  Orgill Opens Number Six in Kilgore In the first quarter of 2008, Orgill, Inc. plans to open its 530,000-square-foot distribution center in Kilgore, TX, 120 miles east of Dallas. Construction on the project began in April at a 65-acre plot of land in Kilgore’s Synergy Industrial Park. The new facility, Orgill’s sixth, will be modeled after the company’s state-of-the-art distribution center in Hurricane, UT. A distributor of hardware and home improvement products, Orgill expects to initially employ at least 100 workers at its Kilgore center, expanding to 300 over the next five years. Once operational, the facility will serve Orgill customers throughout Texas, as well as in parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. Customers in these areas of the country are currently being serviced by Orgill’s distribution facilities in Memphis, TN and Tifton, GA. “This new facility will allow us to improve our effectiveness across the board,” says Randy Williams, Orgill’s senior vice president of operations and logistics. “This will be a strategic location for us that will allow us to reduce our lead time and improve our service to customers within the four-state region, as well as create operating efficiencies for us in Tifton and Memphis.” Staffing requirements were one of the primary reasons Orgill selected Kilgore, according to the company’s CFO, Byrne Whitehead. “Geographically, Kilgore fit our needs very well, but the real deciding factor was the quality and quantity of the labor force available in the area,” he says. “We quickly recognized that the Kilgore area had the labor market we needed to start the facility and grow it into the future.” San Antonio Makes Space for Rackspace In August, Rackspace Managed Hosting, a Web hosting service provider, announced plans to open a new expansion facility at Windsor Park Mall in Windcrest, TX. Rackspace, headquartered in Texas, selected the San Antonio suburb over five other out-of-state locations thanks in part to a Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) grant valued at $22 million. This award is projected to generate more than $100 million in capital investment and create approximately 4,000 new jobs during the next five years, the largest job creation announcement in Texas since 2005. “The Texas Enterprise Fund grant was the key factor in Rackspace’s decision to keep its company headquarters in San Antonio and build out a new campus within Windsor Park Mall,” says Graham Weston, executive chairman of Rackspace Managed Hosting. “We are committed to delivering thousands of high-paying jobs to Texas.” Rackspace’s choice was secured by the collaborative efforts of Bexar County,… …Read More…