Hoosier Energy – Indiana’s RECs

Incorporated in 1949, Hoosier Energy is a Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) providing energy solutions to communities throughout central and southern Indiana. A generation and transmission cooperative of 17 electric distribution cooperatives, Hoosier Energy serves as the wholesale power provider for virtually every county south of I-70, providing reliable, abundant and affordable electricity to industrial, commercial and residential consumers.

Hoosier Energy serves 48 Indiana counties, close to 750,000 consumers, with electric service. Hoosier Energy services large and small businesses, from large plants–such as the Honda Automotive Assembly Plant or the Waupaca Foundry–to smaller “mom and pop” manufacturers. With offices throughout the region, our personnel are locally accessible to discuss your individual service needs. Hoosier Energy combines the personalized service of a small company with the resources of a major corporation.

Hoosier Energy also strives to reduce its “environmental footprint” by embracing clean energy alternatives. We opened our first renewable energy generating station in Clark County, where we burn landfill methane gas to generate power. Going forward, we’re exploring several opportunities to expand our presence in the realm of exciting “green” energy.

Hoosier Energy’s Power Network will soon include 1 Illinois REC serving 11 counties in Illinois. Click here to see a full list of our members with contact links.