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Trump this, Donald

Does the cube farm in your office have the population density of Shanghai? Do you eat your lunch next to the copy machine because the nearest restaurant is five miles away? When you plug your work address into MapQuest, do you get a response that says ''page not found?'' Well, have we got a deal for you! According to this week's edition of Crain's New York Business, there currently is a whopping 54 blocks o ...

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The Mom and Pop Shop’s Gritty View of Government

Small business owners in the United States are overwhelmingly disillusioned and dissatisfied with the federal government, according to a recent press release from American Management Systems, a 21-year-old organization that provides turnaround services and profitability guidance to more than 6,000 small- to medium-sized business across 400 industries. The clear-cut results of the survey, conducted this year ...

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Biotech, biotech sis boom bah!

When cheerleaders from Ohio and Pennsylvania start shouting at each other, it's usually because Penn State's Nittany Lions and The Ohio State Buckeyes are battling it out for the number one ranking in college football. Well, the cheering has come early this year, and we are pleased to report that the ranking generating all the hoopla is Business Facilities' annual tallying of Overall Biotechnology Strength ...

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Dollar keeps falling, but Tennessee is rising

A few months ago, we reported in this space that there is a silver lining in the generally depressing story of the plummeting U.S. dollar: the corresponding rise of the euro is dramatically increasing the cost of manufacturing cars in Europe, leading overseas car makers to take a close look at shifting production to the United States. German auto giant Volkswagen has now put an exclamation point on this tre ...

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The three-legged frog that ate Nutley

For the past 80 years, Nutley, NJ has been a company town. For as long as anyone can remember, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-La Roche has loomed over the local landscape and served up thousands of jobs along with thousands of little blue and yellow pills. The creator of valium and librium probably saw a spike in sales for the popular sedatives in Northern New Jersey late last month, when it sprung ...

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Florida Corporate Moves

Piper Aircraft Decides to Stay and Expand in Vero Beach A highly competitive, two-year site selection process ended favorably for Florida when Piper Aircraft announced in May that it would keep its headquarters in Vero Beach and significantly expand its manufacturing facilities at the Florida location. A $32-million incentive package that was included in an agreement between the company, the state and India ...

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