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Red, white and blue states

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to refer to America as ''the United States'' instead of ''these United States.'' When he dedicated a cemetery in 1863 at the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, Lincoln posed an existential question to the American people. Standing on the broken fields of Gettysburg, PA, where more than 50,000 of his fellow citizens had perished, Lincoln wondered aloud whet ...

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Pennsylvania Corporate Moves

  Hazleton Is in the Zone In May, AutoZone, one of North America's top auto parts retailers, opened its 600,000-square-foot distribution center in the Greater Hazleton area of Pennsylvania. Construction of the facility began in June 2007, and AutoZone expects to employ 400 people when the plant in Humboldt North Industrial Park is fully operational. AutoZone considered dozens of communities in Pennsylv ...

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