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Anyone who has taken a ride on Washington's Metro subway line knows that when it comes to making capital improvements in the nation's capital, Congress will spare no expense. The new Capitol Visitor Center, officially opened to the public yesterday, is no exception. Conceived in 2000 as a modest, secure underground greeting center for tourists visiting the Capitol Building, the project mushroomed into a pal ...

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Bratislava Is Not Detroit, Just So You Know

As they continue their pleas for a federal bailout (hopefully while forgoing end-of-the-year bonuses and use of corporate jets), the figureheads of major U.S. automobile companies took a little left jab to the jaw from, of all places, Slovakia! "We're in a good position to grow," says Maria Novakova, secretary-general of Slovakia's Automotive Industry Association. "Frankly, we don't want to be compared to D ...

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