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Loose Change

We knew it was a bad sign when Robert Rubin was standing behind Barack Obama when Obama introduced his team of economic wise men a few days after the presidential election. Rubin, the champion of deregulation who served as Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton, spent the past few years as the eminence grise of Citigroup. Under his stewardship, what was once the largest banking conglomerate gorged itself on ...

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Hall of shame

A few weeks ago, they packed up the famous monuments at old Yankee Stadium, loaded them into a large truck, and moved them to the new Yankee Stadium across the street. We're not sure why it was necessary to use a truck to carry the monuments a few yards to their new resting place in the outfield of the new $1-billion ballpark. Perhaps the Steinbrenner dynasty was concerned that some evildoers might attempt ...

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Michigan Making Movies

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm announced on Tuesday Michigan’s aggressive film production attraction efforts will create 5,993 new jobs in Michigan, including 4,066 new film, animation and programming jobs. Three companies, Wonderstruck Studios, Motown Motion Pictures and Stardock Systems, plan to invest more than $156 million in Detroit, Pontiac and Plymouth locations. “We are working hard to build a divers ...

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Munich Airport Touts Job Growth

Even under difficult economic conditions, Munich Airport remains a reliable engine for growth and employment. The three biggest companies at the airport - the Lufthansa Group, the Munich Airport operating company and its subsidiaries (FMG), and the airport security company (SGM) - alone have increased their total workforce by 2,800 to more than 18,300 since the summer of 2006. At the FMG annual press confer ...

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ConvaTec to Expand in Greensboro

The Greensboro Economic Development Alliance just announced a significant expansion by ConvaTec, a global medical device manufacturer and long-time Greensboro employer. The company will expand its ostomy wafer line and attract a new ostomy pouch operation to its 211 American Avenue plant. ConvaTec plans to hire 30 machine operators and mechanics at an average wage of more than $44,000 per year. The company ...

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Growth Magnets

In hard times, economic development specialists have created unique and innovative incentive packages to help ease the financial burden on existing companies and make it attractive for new ones to locate to their states. ...

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