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Golden State vs. Silver State

Everyone is familiar with those cheeky TV commercials with the tagline ''Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.'' Well, we recently came across something that has created a lot of controversy since it came out of Vegas—a $1 million ad campaign from the Nevada Development Authority that aims to lure businesses to the Silver State by attacking its huge neighbor to the west, California. Some examples of th ...

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One year later

It has been exactly one year since Lehman Bros. vanished into a black hole and almost took the global financial system with it. The nightmare that followed is still hard to fathom. On the first anniversary of the Big Collapse, there's good news, bad news, and, hopefully, really good news. First, some good news: The combined market capitalization of the 29 largest U.S. financial institutions, which shrank fr ...

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Pay no attention to the man behind the label

Ever since the U.S. surgeon general warned in the early '60s that cigarettes cause lung cancer, the tobacco industry has waged a fierce battle to water down warning labels the government mandated on the side of cigarette packages. As a result of this battle, it took nearly 40 years for the wording on these labels to morph from a gentle warning that smoking coffin nails ''may lead to'' cancer, heart disease ...

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Hangar 17

Hangar 17 at New York's Kennedy Airport is large enough to accommodate several jumbo jets, but it is not used to house aircraft. Strewn across the hangar's concrete floor are nearly 2,000 pieces of steel. Some are easily recognizable as I-beams used in the construction of a large building. Others have been twisted into contorted shapes impossible to reproduce by man or machine. Most are huge, weighing tons, ...

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National Office Furniture Plant Goes Green

Gov. Steve Beshear andrnEconomic Development Cabinet Secretary Larry Hayes have announced thatrnNational Office Furniture, a business unit of Kimball InternationalrnInc., will invest more than $4.5 million in its Fordsvillernmanufacturing plant in an effort to implement new ''green'' technologyrnin its products and processes. Arnmanufacturer of wood casegoods products, National Office Furniturerncurrently e ...

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Texas Corporate Moves

Toyota Moving Tacoma Truck Production to San Antonio Toyota Motor Corp. has announced that it will relocate production of the Tacoma pickup from a plant in California to its manufacturing facility in San Antonio by next summer. San Antonio and Bexar County officials estimate 100,000 Tacomas will be produced annually following a $100 million retooling at Toyota’s San Antonio campus. The Tacoma line will dive ...

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