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This is a complete chronological archive of all site selection and economic development coverage posted on the Business Facilities website.

Virginia Corporate Moves

International Paper Invests $83 million in Wight County Mill International Paper is investing $83 million to repurpose a portion of its closed mill in Isle of Wight County as a fluff pulp mill capable of annually producing up to 270,000 metric tons of high quality fluff pulp for the global market. The project will create 213 new jobs. Speaking about the recent announcement, Gov. Bob McDonnell said, “This pr ...

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The Show Me Spirit

The Home Depot store is no longer standing in Joplin, MO, but the clerks are busy selling building materials in the parking lot. Nine days after a massive tornado tore through the middle of town, flattening everything in its path with 200-m.p.h. winds, the residents of Joplin--mourning at least 132 dead and still searching for 156 missing--are lifting the spirits of the nation with their resilience and dete ...

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