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Primco Management Developing Medical Marijuana Properties In Michigan

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Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Primco Management Inc. (PMCM), a medical marijuana real estate management and multi-media company, has announced that the company has entered into an agreement with DTRB Management Inc.’s Darius Thompson and Harry Ryan, who have been cultivating the Flint, MI area in preparation for an medical marijuana (MMJ) grow facility and healing house. In this agreement, PMCM will provide the funding for a multi-tiered grow facility and dispensary where licensed caregivers have a secure environment to grow and sell their medicine while the security allows for them to focus on the quality of medication that is being grown.

DTRB is working closely with the local legislative body and medical professionals to help develop the guidelines, educational tools, medical initiatives, therapy programs and alternative methods which will be provided in the newly formed healing house which will be located within the city of Flint, MI.

“The Primco team is the only company that said, ‘keep Flint first, and then the rest will come,’ so with that, we are extremely proud to partner with them and we look forward to a remarkable future,” said Darius Thompson, CEO of DTRB Management Inc.

“We are overjoyed by the relationship that we have established with DTRB Management and Primco Management; I look forward to what this union will bring to the city of Flint,” added 1st Ward City Councilman Eric Mays.

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