LiveXChange Update: Enabling The American Dream Is Not About Jobs

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In his LiveXchange seminar, “Enabling the American Dream,” Edward Burghard, CEO and Manager of The Burghard Group, introduced his Strengthening Brand America Project. The initiative helps economic development professionals better understand how to leverage the power of place branding as a strategy to become more globally competitive for capital investment.

The message of Burghard’s presentation was “It’s NOT About Jobs. It’s About Enabling Residents To Better Achieve The American Dream.” Burghard argues that the ability to realize the American Dream is different depending on where you live. The ideal location is one that delivers the assets a company requires AND enables employees to achieve the American Dream. Locations where the American Dream is perceived to be more achievable have a competitive advantage in capital attraction that can be leveraged in their branding efforts.

Click here for a copy of the presentation.

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