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Crystal Ball 2012

As another tumultuous year comes to an end, it’s time to peer into our Crystal Ball for some sure-fire prognostications of the big stories of 2012:


– Siri checks into Betty Ford Clinic, says she’s “tired of answering questions” for everybody.

– Jon Corzine reveals he loaned missing MF Global funds to Solyndra.

– Einstein letter from 1939 warning FDR of particles exceeding speed of light discovered in Princeton, NJ postal bin.

– Ron Paul says U.S. Postal Service should be replaced by Pony Express.

– Agreement by Germany, France and Austria to withdraw from EU and recreate Hapsburg Empire collapses when leaders can’t agree on dinner menu.

– Amish family, swallowed in sinkhole caused by Marcellus Shale fracking operation in Lancaster, PA, emerges unharmed in Poughkeepsie, NY.

– President Obama unveils new campaign slogan: “Hope for Spare Change.”

– Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sets off radiation alarms in New York while making speech at UN.

– Former UN Ambassador John Bolton reveals he really is Yosemite Sam.

– Missing MF Global funds found in locker at Hoboken, NJ train station. Jon Corzine, reached on train platform, says he doesn’t know how they got there.

– Mets schedule “Occupy Citi Field Night” during opening arguments of team owners’ Madoff trial.

– Port Authority police arrest man who attempts to pay George Washington Bridge toll with Krugerrands.

– McDonald’s introduces Freddie Mac burger, featuring half-pound of subprime beef and mortgage for McMansion in North Las Vegas.

– Ben Bernanke checks into Betty Ford Clinic, says he “can’t stop printing money.”

– Mitt Romney severs ties to Bain Capital after investment firm buys Mets, lays off bullpen and sells team to Oklahoma City.

– Jets fire coach Rex Ryan after Rob Ryan reveals he took brother’s SAT test.

– California sells Muir forest to IKEA. IKEA introduces line of “big and tall” redwood lawn furniture.

– Test run on ski jump at Winter Olympics site in Russia canceled when viewing stand sinks into melting permafrost. Event moved to Xanadu shopping mall in NJ.

– U.S. drone strike at G-20 meeting injures Saudi Arabian foreign minister. Chinese president refuses to return missile parts that land in his soup.

– U.S. Supreme Court, in 5-4 decision, rules Obamacare and Social Security payroll tax are unconstitutional. Writing for majority, Justice Scalia declares “old age is a preexisting condition.”


A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All!

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