Sundrop Plans $450-Million Biofuels Plant in Louisiana | Business Facilities - Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions
The Colorado startup will convert natural gas from forest waste into 50 million gallons a year of "green gasoline" at a facility that will employ 150.

Sundrop Plans $450-Million Biofuels Plant in Louisiana

Colorado startup biofuels company Sundrop Fuels Inc. plans to build its first biofuels production plant in Louisiana. Sundrop has agreed to purchase a 1,200-acre site for the $450-million refinery in Rapides Parish, near Alexandria, LA. The plant is expected to employ 150 workers.

The refinery will use forest waste and hydrogen from natural gas to make as much as 50 million gallons a year of what Sundrop calls “the world’s first ready-to-use, renewable ‘green gasoline.’”

The company said that Louisiana officials provided performance-based incentives, and plant construction will be financed in part through the sale of state-tax-exempt “private activity bonds.”


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