Albany International Grows in Rochester, NH

Albany Engineered Composites (AEC), an aerospace composites manufacturer and subsidiary of Albany International, has announced that it will build a new plant in Rochester, NH, creating 300 jobs.

New investment by the company in existing operations also is expected to create an additional 200 jobs, Gov. John Lynch said.

“This is an exciting time for the city of Rochester, and an exciting time for the state of New Hampshire,” Lynch said. “These are good paying jobs at a great company, and these are exactly the kinds of job creation we’ve been working toward. This is really a significant investment by Albany in New Hampshire.”

Lynch also announced that Albany International will be moving its corporate headquarters and leadership team from New York to Rochester during the next few years. The state’s community college system also will be working with Albany Engineered Composites to provide job training for candidate workers at the AEC facility.

“Our fastest-growing business, and the business we hope will continue to grow, is located right here in Rochester,” said Joseph Morone, AEC president and CEO.


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