Christie Moves to Take Over AC District

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is expected to make public a plan today that could bring Atlantic City’s casino district under state control, according to a report in .

Sources said a key a key recommendation would turn over the tourism district of Atlantic City to state oversight, primarily in order to give the state an active role over the gambling mecca’s tourism and to make sure casino revenues are invested in local projects.

According to the report, Christie’s proposal would create a state-run city within the city, with State Police taking over from municipal officers, and the state providing other services such as trash collection in the sections of the city containing the casinos and convention and entertainment centers.

Additional proposals are expected to include:

— Not expanding gaming—specifically slot machine-style video lottery terminals, or VLTs—at least until investment has had a chance to return to Atlantic City;

— Closing the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority, which handles marketing for the resort;

— Keeping all casino revenue invested by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority for projects in Atlantic City;

— Selling or shuttering Meadowlands Racetrack and disbanding the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which also runs the Wildwood Convention Center.

Christie is expected to release a report by an advisory commission on gaming, sports and entertainment, which lays out recommendations on how to boost the state’s gambling revenue, wean state-owned racetracks off subsidies from casinos and revive the state-owned sports and entertainment complex at the Meadowlands.

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