Tissue Maker Invests $1B in Anderson County, SC

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is announcing a $1-billion investment in Anderson County, SC by New York-based First Quality Enterprises Incs., a project that should create up to 1,200 jobs. The Great Neck, NY, company will expand operations at an existing Anderson County facility.

First Quality, which makes of paper towels, toilet paper, diapers and feminine hygiene products would remodel an existing facility and add buildings, is privately held and has operations in New York, Pennsylvania, California and Georgia, according to Hoovers Inc.

The First Quality manufacturing plant expansion has been dubbed “Project Big Water” by local officials in Anderson County, which has been hit hard by the recession, with unemployment rates topping out at 12.5 percent.

First Quality filed a stormwater permit with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control last week. It is the only permit from First Quality filed with the agency and it is for construction purposes. Other permits would not be required until later, said Thom Berry, a spokesman with the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control.