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IBM Eyes Iowa

Iowa recently announced that IBM will open a new technology service delivery center in Dubuque, IA. It is expected that the $100-million project will create up to 1,300 high-quality jobs. IBM has signed a 10-year lease, with optional extension years, to occupy a historic building in downtown Dubuque. The City of Dubuque, Dubuque Initiatives and IBM plan to upgrade the facility to make it a “green” building. ...

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Like there’s no tomorrow

The people who brought us the Great Bank Robbery of 2008 are back at work, and this time they're doing something for which they are uniquely qualified: shoveling tons of pork back to the folks in their home districts. An armada of Brinks trucks, their engines still hot from a breakneck midnight run to deliver $350 billion in ''bailout'' funds to the nation's banks, are being reloaded with cash at the U.S. T ...

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IDA Loans Create Jobs in PA

The Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority has approved two low-interest loans totaling $1.36 million to fund Philadelphia-area projects, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development said Wednesday. The PIDC Financing Corp. will receive a $680,000 loan to acquire and renovate an existing facility on East Hunting Park Avenue in Philadelphia. The site contains eight buildings total ...

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Kuwait kills $17.4 billion K-Dow deal

Kuwait's government decided on December 28 to cancel a $17.4 billion joint venture with U.S. petrochemical giant Dow Chemical. The venture, known as K-Dow, was announced with great fanfare in July as the crown jewel of economic development initiatives in Michigan. Michigan, already home to Dow Chemical's headquarters in Midland, had been slated to become the home as well to the new K-Dow Petrochemicals, a p ...

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New Year’s resolutions

A new year is always a good time for resolutions. Here's a few we'd like to see in 2009: -- Anyone who has borrowed money from Citigroup, GMAC or the two dozen other bankrupt financial entities that have been bailed out with federal funds can deduct the balance of their monthly loan payments from their income tax. -- Bernie must spell his last name phonetically, which would make it Made-off, as in ''made of ...

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