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Parts Distribution Operation Locates in SC

The South Carolina Department of Commerce, Lexington County and the Central SC Alliance have announced that Husqvarna will locate a parts distribution operation in Lexington County. The company anticipates investing more than $2.5 million and will be the principal tenant in a newly constructed building. “We are pleased to move forward with our plans for the new parts distribution center in Lexington County. ...

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Crystal Ball 2010

  Here are some New Year's resolutions we'd like to see: -- The world’s largest wind turbine will be attached to the Washington Monument, facing the U.S. Capitol Building. -- Recapitalized banks which used TARP funds to pay back TARP funds so they could resume huge bonus payments to bank executives will request additional TARP funds. -- Citigroup bailout funds, stolen by Russian mob, will be used to pu ...

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Golf’s One-Man Stimulus Package

In the wake of golf superstar Tiger Woods' announcement that he is taking an indefinite leave from the sport, many are wondering if the impact will go beyond the leaderboard of golf scores and depress local economies at venues of major golf tournaments.If you think that is an exaggeration, consider this: the overall economic impact of golf is estimated at $75 billion. A major golf tournament can generate mo ...

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Chandra Puts Cable Plant in Kentucky

The India-based company is investing $32 million in a copper cable manufacturing facility in Morgantown. Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky, Cabinet for Economic Development representatives, and officials in Butler County have announced India-based Chandra Proteco Ltd. will start up a manufacturing operation in Morgantown under the name Kentucky Copper Inc. The new company will create 106 new jobs and invest ne ...

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E-Beam Locates in Butler County, PA

California-based BeamOne is investing $9 million in a new electron beam medical device sterilization service center in Clinton Township. California-based BeamOne is investing $9 million in a new electron beam medical device sterilization service center in Clinton Township, PA. Ground will be broken for the Butler County facility before year’s end, and the center is expected Clinton Township. It will become ...

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Mayor Bloomberg Discovers It’s Not Easy Being Green

As the world prepares for a global summit meeting this month in Denmark to meet the challenge of climate change, New York City has sounded a retreat on its most ambitious effort to reduce greenhouse gases emanating from the Big Apple. After intense opposition from building owners, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has backed away from a proposed mandate that would have forced the retrofitting of all structures 50,000 ...

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