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Is YOUR job safe!?

With the word recession at the tip of every one's tongues these days, I figured it would be apropos to spotlight an article I read today on Yahoo titled "Recession-Proof Jobs in 2008." According to the article: "Economists at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley say the U.S. is heading for its first-blown recession in 16 years, and a recent CNN poll found that 57 percent of the public believe the U.S. is in a r ...

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America’s Great Green Hope

Recently, "green" has become the ubiquitous buzzword used to describe all things environmentally-friendly. But prior to such days of mainstream climate-consciousness, the word "green" often summoned images of the US dollar which, of course, has taken a dramatic dip in value over the last several years, most notably against the British pound, the euro, and, now, the Canadian dollar. Fortunately, yesterday's ...

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Competitive Trade Logistics Critical for Developing Countries

I came across an interesting article today in the Latin Business Chronicle that talked about a recent report that came out from the World Bank entitled "Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy." According to the report, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean ranked way behind several developing countries, especially in Asia, in trade logistics competitiveness. For developing count ...

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Economic Marks of the New Year

You surely have been inundated with this news story, which is essentially contained within its own headline Oil breaks $100 as U.S. stockpiles drop   Did you catch this one, though? Toyota Ousts Ford From No. 2 Spot in U.S. Sales It's not like we didn't know either one of these was coming—and these aren't really necessarily bad things, in the long term. But I think we may find that, presidential caucus ...

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