2008: A Year for Enhancements

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From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

You can expect a number of evolutionary improvements to Business Facilities during 2008, starting with this latest edition of our Site Seekers’ Guide. Once again, we’ve taken great pains to hand-verify every listing in this book. These are the people and organizations you should contact as soon as you’re ready to start gathering specific location information to help you prepare for your corporate expansion or relocation. Their job is to sell the benefits of their areas of course, but also to be your partner in getting the best site and the best deal possible.

The Site Seekers’ Guide is once again available online at our Web site, www.BusinessFacilities.com, where you’ll find additional listings we were unable to print here. And thanks to the pliable nature of online content, we’re able to make mid-year updates to the online version of the Site Seekers’ Guide as the need arises. Furthermore, the entire interface to the U.S. portion of the online Site Seekers’ Guide has been overhauled—you now have the ability to navigate between states using an animated map that shows off special enhanced states, regions, and cities. These enhanced areas carry extra content beyond our normal collection of fast facts, articles, and points of contact.

Our blog—which can be found as a link from our homepage—has steadily gained readership and will be taking on increased importance, along with some new features such as educational podcasts from our LiveXchange speakers. As always, we appreciate your comments—write us at feedback@groupc.com.

Karim Khan

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